SalsaCrazy Habanero Bloody Mary Mix

In exchange for my honest unbiased opinion I received a 25 oz bottle of Salsa Crazy Dominate the Dance Floor Habanero Bloody Mary Mix. I love me some spice and though I have never drank a bloody mary nor have I added tomato juice to beer like many locally do I had to try this. It has a kick. Now I eat just about everything with powdered dried superhots so I am used to spiciness but never have i had a spicy drink before. I have to be honest I like the flavor of this however not really liking the combination of it with the alcohol. I would rather use this as a flavor to add to my pasta sauces or saute my veggies in it. It is quite flavorful and does got a nice kick that compliments its bottle consists of atleast 6 drinks worth of bloody mary mix as per its serving size of 4oz per drink. it however will last much longer not using it as a drink mixer and instead as a flavoring for other things such as an ingredient in your meals. I really do enjoy its flavoring and the combination of ingredients is perfect. You can also get a free video to learn how to Salsa Dance by going to the website listed on the bottle


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