Skinology 4Oz Bottle Quality Lemon Essential Oil

In exchange for my unbiased honest opinion I received a 4oz bottle of Skinology Beauty Solutions Lemon Essential Oil at a promotional cost. I have really wanted to try lemon essential oil since a friend of mine told me she lost 10lbs in a month changing nothing except adding 2-3 drops of lemon essential oil to her glass of water in the morning and then another in the evening before bed. I just needed to get some and try it. Though too soon to see if I will lose weight from this I find I really love the flavor this adds to my sink water and am very happily enjoying this in more than just my water. I have also added it to my iced tea and regular tea and love it. Lemon essential oil is used for many things from help with cleaning to fragrancing your home to immune support and cold remedy. I am super excited to have this large sized bottle from Skinnology added to my newly started essential oil collection. Though my friend only added 2-3 drops to each of her glasses of water I have been adding atleast 5 to my driks. I do not find it overly extensive in scent that it is unbearable. I find it just perfect and very invigorating to say the least. I also think it will start to help me improve my health soon and not be so drained from whatever my body is going through currently. This really is a very nice sized bottle and great tasting and smelling essential oil that I believe everyone needs to add to their collection of essential oils.


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