Healthy Vibes 6" Pleasure Toy

I received this pleasure toy by Healthy Vibes in exchange for my unbiased honest opinion. This 6″ dildo is of good quality materials. It is very stiff and does not easily bend even though it is made of rubber. It is very realistic looking including the ball sack, veins, and the head of the dildo. They all look and feel just like the real thing upon removal from the package. It has a large suction cup on the bottom to aid in hands free play. It very much feels skin like while in your hand. it is easy to use calling for no battery since its a dildo and not a vibrator. It is of average length for a caucasian male though seemed a bit thicker in circumference but not too thick either just a bit more average than the real caucasian men I have seen. The testicles are of average size in comparison to the male anatomy and real like also. I was very amazed by how real like it looked and felt while removing it from its packaging. Kinda scary how real like it is. Just add a bit of tingling massaging lubricant and you are free to enjoy this great pleasure. No more men needed in your life once you get yourself one of these.


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