Innogie eLite Compact Power Pack

In exchange for my unbiased honest opinion I received the Innogie eLite Unique Series 3200mAh compact but powerful on the go backup battery power at a promotional price. This though small and compact packs some power and easily aids in getting more power to a tablet or phone when in a pinch and no outlet is available. It comes with a USB to MicroUSB cord to charge the device and then to charge your phone. It can be charged with a PC or use your phones adapter to charge it. The cord is multipurpose as it needs the microusb end to charge this device but then flip the cord around and place it into the usb jack to charge your microusb devices. You can also charge apple products with this if you have a cord from them as its not included with this nice compact in size powerful backup power. This will easily fit in the front pocket of your jeans or in a purse for the on the go convenient use of it. It does have a 3 light led light up next to the usb plugin to let you know of its power available and when it is in need of its own charge. This being helpful when going on a trip you can be sure to have it fully charged. The charge will last days not being used and it quickly charges your devices.


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