RIF6 USB 4-port fast charger

In exchange for my honest unbiased opinion I received this 4 port fast charge Usb charger for all my charging device needs. Nowadays just about everything comes with the ability to be charged with a usb port so this definitely handy device is a must buy for everyone that does not live in the non electronic world. This is definitely a plus for any tech junkie out there like myself. It will free much of my wall outlets and I no longer will need my bulky power strip I have to charge my 2 tablets, 2 phones, ecigs, and micro ems/tens unit. I definitely still am going to need to get another of these or use 2 full electric outlets still since i charge 6 devices regularly and others once in a while. However I now will not need to take up all my wall outlets in my living room just to charge things. It has interchangeable ribbons to change the colors on it maybe to help a family keep track of who’s 4 port charger is whose or to know which is for what devices. i do not know what the reason behind the ability to change the color ribbon but its unique I guess. This charges my devices faster than they charge when plugged into the wall individually and features 3/ 5V – A1 ports and 1/ 5V – A2 port. i definitely recommend this to everyone who has more than one usb charging device in their home. It is also small enough to fit in a purse or to be carried with you to and from work or on trips.


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