3D Unique Window Depth Style Vinyl Print Removable Wall Decal by Bomba-Deal

I have waited a few weeks for this gorgeous removable 3D vinyl wall sticker/decal. i have eyed these for quite a few years now and everytime I move to a different place I plan on getting one or many since so many of the designs are beautiful and amazingly peaceful. I had not purchased them previously outside of sayings. So this picture was a first for me and it is amazing vibrantly bright. This beautiful 39.5″x33.5″ wall mural is eloquent and just perfect for those of us who love the beach but live too far away to be able to enjoy on a regular basis. It appears as if you are right there peeping through the window of the beach house you rented looking out at the gorgeous ocean. The colors are vivid and bright not like most posters you would receive. Its

realistical view. Just amazingly beautiful scene. These easily will peel and stick to many wall surfaces. Mine was shipped from Israel and not expected to be delivered until between the dates of 4/24 to 5/11 but came a whole week before the earliest delivery expectant date which is awesome since I have been awaiting its arrival since the date of order and was excited that it came extremely earlier than was predicted when I ordered it. Now I can live in the heavens of the beach everyday through this wall mural without having to leave the comfort of my home. There are many offered by Bomba-Deal that I would love and they are all extremely beautiful. Its a hard choice to pick from all the gorgeous designs offered. I recommend this to everyone looking for an inexpensive way to have the beauty that usually comes with a huge price. these are photo and painting professional quality and I am so glad I was able to review this exchange for my honest unbiased opinion.


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