Advanta Supplement tooth Whitening Kit with Lifetime Refills and GiveAway

In exchange for my unbiased honest opinion I received the teeth Whitening Kit. This kit came with 2 teeth trays made of clear rubber like material, 2 syringes of whitening chemical, and an on the go teeth whitening pen. You first must put the teeth whitening gel in the teeth trays which is quite the task in and of itself since the plunger on the syringe is very hard to push down on to get any of the product to come out. But once you have been able to do that do not overfill the teeth trays since this stuff is horrible tasting. Then slip in your mouth one on top and on on the bottom if you can handle it as the trays are larger than my mouth and the product is too vulgar tasting. I could not keep this nasty tasting stuff in my mouth as it began to foam. I had to abandon ship and quit. Since the trays are not form fitted they may be too large or too small for each individual’s mouth. They were too big for mine which is why I think I tasted as much as I did and could not finish the treatment. It does also give you a link to their website where you would be able to get the free refills for life however they really are not free and definitely are not worth the money they charge to get the refills since I could not even handle the first treatment. i do not recommend this product to any of my friends or family. I do however advise any and all enemies to run out and purchase this non quality teeth whitening kit.


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