Evo-X Health Products SHR3D-X Weight Loss

I received Evo-X Health Products SHR3D-X weight loss pills in exchange for my unbiased honest opinion. I have taken these pills for a few days, I already have noticed that my appetite is lessoned and I am not over eating. I am actually eating so much less than I had been before taking these SHR3D-X pills and I hardly have an appetite at all now. Which no appetite is not a good thing in itself either since not eating can cause your body to go into starvation mode and you end up gaining more than losing and what you do lose is not fat but muscle. However I have some self discipline and make sure I eat even just a little each day atleast. Cravings for sweet and salty foods has also almost all but diminished. These pills do not provide me with extra energy and do not seem to affect my mood in a negative way. I have not lost any weight yet however it is much too soon to decide if it is going to help with that. I have not experienced any negative side effects from taking this so far. The capsules themselves are not hard to swallow with a glass of water. You get a whole 30 days supply of this in one bottle taking it 2 times day 


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