Set of 3 CC Boards Bamboo Cutting Boards

These CC Boards made of quality bamboo wood come in a set of 3 with each being different sizes. they have a cutout handle in each and a grove along them to catch the extra fluids I believe. They are well made and a great set for any home kitchen. Would also be great for a small restaurant. I am quite surprised that these boards were so quality made and not flimsy. they are solid yet not heavy wood. Either side of the boards can be used though only one side of them have the groove. These cutting boards wash very easily with just some soap and water. You can use them to prevent cross contamination by being sure to use each one separately for separate types of food such as one for meats, one for fruits and veggies, and one for cheeses or fish. I really like the tone in them and the quality they are just the right thickness and not cheap wood. These will last long time for many years to come. They come ready to use and do not say whether they need to be pre greased with oil however I oiled mine before use just to be sure.


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