1Body Thyroid Supplement

Although my blood tests for my thyroid all have come back within the normal functioning range I just had to try this. I have had a major increase in weight gain over the last year, I have begun losing my hair more regular as I had a few years back, and I have become fatigued yet unable to sleep which all are symptoms of a thyroid issue even though the tests are normal my mother having hashimoto’s disease puts me at a higher risk for thyroid disorders and so i figured trying this can not do any further damage but could instead possibly help. So far I feel a decrease in my fatigue and a bit of increase in my ability to function without forgetting what i am supposed to be doing or what I was saying. I notice my sleep difficulties have not decreased but they still are not getting any worse than when I started this and its not been long enough for me to determine if my hairloss will resurrect but the 1 body Thyroid Support is not hard to swallow and goes down easily. I have not experienced any negative effects from it so far and i feel good.
I received a bottle of this 1 Body Thyroid support in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion.


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