Tools For Life MultiTool

I received this promotional product at a discount in exchange for my unbiased honest opinion. With that being said this Tools For Life Multitool though more affordable than some of the bigger named brands it is quite comparable and just as usefully convenient for many useful needs. It came with a case that attaches to your belt easily by slipping your belt through it. and the case is velcroed shut just like a knife case. The multitool is interesting you would think by looking at it that it would be heavy since its quality is obvious in appearance but picking it up you see that though its made of quality workmanship it is lighter than expected. The plier handle is held shut by a loop. Release the loop and the pliers are quickly usable. Then you have the philips head screw driver on the same side as the moveable plier handle that folds out for easy use without the need of releasing the loop that holds the plier handle closed. on the other side of the tool you will find a fold out bottle and can opener for easily opening canned foods on a camping trip or that cold beer at the end of the work day.then there is a saw looking sharp knife that is flattened at the end possibly to use as a limb cutter and the end to help as a flathead screwdriver. flip over that blade and you find a file that can be useful in your travels especially with a lady around that is always looking for a nail file for those brittle nails on her soft hands. The third thing you can pull out from that side is a nice sharp small but quality knife. There also is a smaller pull out object that I am unsure of its use and what its for. Not thin enough to be a tooth pick and too thick to also be flathead screwdriver but whatever its use for its a bit interesting.all in all this is well made and quality stainless steal that is not overly heavy but yet heavy duty. Something every man needs in their tackle box, on their belt loop, or in their tool box or car glovebox. Recommend this product to everyone looking for one of those other multi tools but not wanting the cost of those others but the same quality of them.


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