I received a complimentary bottle of NeCures by PhD Labs in exchange for my unbiased honest opinion. I have never used a supplemental mood enhancer though have tried many prescription ones for many years. NeCures has helped my anxiety a bit allowing for me to be able to go out with groups of people to crowded restaurants that I normally would not go. I usually stick to limited people and its usually a 1:1 outing to a quiet low key place I would go. But after taking NeCures for just a few days I was able to relax enough to go to a crowded restaurant on a friday night with a group of women I hardly know and be able to socialize a bit. Not as much as I would like and not as much as some of the ladies had socialized but my anxiety was calm enough for me not to change my mind and not go as well as not up and leave the dinner because too many people were in there eating and chatting. I was still a bit overwhelmed but it was much less than I had experienced before taking NeCures.


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