Stage-1 Thermo Advanced Thermogenic

I received a bottle of Stage-1 Thermo Advanced Thermogenic at a discounted price in exchange for my unbiased honest opinion. I have never tried that I recall a Thermogenic Fat Burner before getting this one from Premier Bioscience Labs. I was frustrated with my weight gain after months of watching what I eat and exercising as I was capable after having back surgery and not seeing any of the results. I just continued gaining weight and all my medical tests claimed to be ok. Leading it to the fact I just could not lose anything and instead am just destined to keep gaining. I wanted to lose the weight especially in my mid-section. It works ok I guess but not great. I continue to eat healthy and exercise along with taking these and feel ok. I do not feel jittery or extremely fatigued after using them in the afternoon as I do with coffee.


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