I received my roll on bottle of ThermaChill at a discounted price in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion. Since being off my prescription nsaids I was on for knee pain I had started to again experience aches in my knees along with the pain in my back I was already having since February when I had surgery for it, I decided i should give ThermaChill a fair shot since not much else has been helping. It helped quite a bit. I just rolled it around on my lower back and knees. I did not have to rub it in with my hands or make any mess with it being a cream cause its easy application straight from its bottle. I let it dry and went about my business within a few minutes my knees were not aching as they were and I was in such relief thanks to ThermaChill. I recommend this product to anyone else who has joint and muscle aches they do not want to keep taking a pill to feel no pain for but need relief. Good for arthritis and other aches.


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