10000mAh iPowerBuddy Portable Power

I received a 10000mAh iPowerBuddy portable phone charger power pack in exchange for my honest unbiased review. Upon receiving I opened and powered on. It came 50% charged. I was excited but wanted to charge it completely before using. Plugged the USB cord into my computer. It did not take long to charge to 100%. It uses a stand USB micro charging cable that came included and is used both to charge the device as well as charge another device of of this powerful battery backup. Has 2 USB ports to charge devices at the same time and is quick to charge my droid ultra xt1080. Its charge % is shown on its lcd screen and gives you the precise power amount remaining on the battery pack allowing you to not forget it needs charging itself. Its not as small as I thought it would be and is heavier than I thought so not one thats going to be in your hand everywhere but will fit nicely in your briefcase, car, purse, and a jacket pocket. Its heavier than my phone but still portable enough and definitely convenient. No longer will I worry about running out of power on my trips or while out and about. It will come in handy during storms where you lose power you can be at ease knowing you have this backing you up. Definitely recommend it especially to people like me that are on a device constantly and wanting to be sure they always have the power they need.


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