Quiseen Spiralizer for healthier Eating

I received my Quiseen Veggie Spiralizer complementary in exchange for my honest opinion. Really Love this Spiralizer. I wanted to try this out with sweet potatoes rather than just zucchini and yellow squash or even carrot. just choose thinner smaller sweet potatoes and you are golden. It worked great with the sweet potato. It also works with carrots, zuchini, yellow squash, and cucumbers really well! It cleans easily with the provided brush. I do think the design is flawed somewhat when it comes to the way the veggie is fed in and may need some adjustments by the manufacturer. I think the top that helps feed the vegetable in should be wore closer to the shape of the funnel with spikes to grasp the vegetable as is there in a flatness rather then funnel. This may help with the the whole veggie just about being used completely rather than having about 2/3 inches. Be sure to use the included cap to help feed the vegetable into the spiralizer once it is close to the top of the funnel otherwise you will may slice yourself. Since this looks like its not sharp I warn it is. This cuts well. I recommend it to others looking to find dieting tricks to lose some extra pounds or who just want to eat healthy!


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