Sentey Gaming 7.1 USB Headset

I received great Sentey Gaming 7.1 USB Headset complimentary in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion. These professional looking gaming quality earphones with attached microphone are really nice. Their box looks like they are high quality not just a cheap bag or plastic. They have a braided cord to make for easier use with less chance of entanglement. The microphone allows for very precise clear interpretation from the other part of what you are saying without any muffling. The headphones fit snuggly allowing for your surrounding noises to be more muted than many headsets. They give out quality sound. These work very well to make phone calls over the internet through google voice, skype, or whatever other video calls or internet phone calls you make. Clear sound into and out from the headset. They connect easily to your PC and come with complete and clear directions for use. They feature the on the wire buttons for





use of voluming and microphone. This are high quality for the price of low quality. Quite an awesome price for this quality Sentey Gaming Headset. I recommend them to all those out there wanting those turtle beach headsets without their price tags.


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