Sentey 2800mAh power bank

My Sentey 2800mAh Portable Power Bank was received complimentary in exchange for my unbiased honest opinion. It is small and very portable however it will also be easier to lose than some of the other choices from Sentey. Sentey I had never heard of before a few weeks ago when I received another product for review and found they are very good quality products for a cheaper price than the bigger well known name brands. yet their products seem to me to be either equal to other products that are much more expensive or even better quality than the higher priced competition products. This power bank can charge a newer phone about once before needing to be recharged and features a 1A USB port which is not the fastest charging port but it is sufficient and gives you the ability to have double the battery life for your device at any given time. It is not much bigger than a lipstick which is why I believe it will be easier to lose than some of the others but it is light and very capable portable on the go power. I have liked every product I have tried by Sentey and believe they will continue to keep high-quality products coming out to the market without the high price tags.


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