Sentey Warhead X Headset

I received my Warhead X headset in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion. they have good input of sound nd great quality output of voice while using microphone. They are nicely designed and comfortable to wear. The cushioning on the head band part and the earphone part is very comfortable and the sound is really nice. The wiring is long featuring a microphone jack plug as well as the speaker plug for the headphone and can be controlled from the control on the wire. The wire is not braided as with some of Sentey other headsets but is thick and has a velcro cord keeper to help prevent stressful cord entanglements These are good quality allowing you to hear more of the game you are playing then the noise around you. I have recently tried out a few Sentey products and really like this company. They are lower priced without the low quality of cheap products. They really seem to be a great company and one that may be the next line of gaming supplies for everyone instead the high priced ones that give just as much quality as these products from Sentey. So why spend all that money when you can get the quality you are needing and wanting here with Sentey products.


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