Nutrapuris Ultra Blend Probiotic

I received a 2 month supply, 60 capsules, of Nutrapuris Probiotic Acidophilus Ultra Blend in exchange for my unbiased honest opinion. They are easy to swallow even though they are big capsules. They did not produce any aftertaste or burping with an aftertaste to it. After only a few days my body seems to be regulating and on the right track. I am not tired as I thought I may be from taking these and I am not experiencing any drops in energy. I do not feel bloated or have not been having any constipation. Though i also am not experiencing any diarrhea. instead I am regulating and feel good. This contains natural ingredients that aid in leveling your bad bacteria in your body to a minimal while building up your good bacteria that is needed to keep your whole body running smoothly and properly.


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