Opportuniteas Brainiac

I received Opportuniteas Brainiac in exchange for my honest unbiased review. It is not like other Matcha tea I have drank. It gives me a bit more focus and attention than the others have and I do notice a slight boost in energy when I have drank it. It is by no means a definitive replacement for medications I have been on for my ADD but it sure helps me more than nothing and is safer for me than Ritalin, Vyvanse, and Adderall that were prescribed to me at some points. I wonder why there is creatine in it though but that could possibly be the fact that creatine aids in the energy it gives but not sure. It is about the same green color as most Matcha teas I have tried recently and has a slightly sweet taste to it. It blends well and works great by itself as and iced or hot tea or mixed into my morning fruit smoothies. I recently heard about a concern with Matcha Green Tea powders from China having higher levels of lead in them and that is concerning a bit to me since lead can be toxic and cause brain damage. Though I am unsure if this one has lead in it or not but I am hoping it does not cause that definitely will not help my ADD in the long term. I also do not see that I have much of an increase in my memory or even that my memory is not getting worse but I know this tea has not aided it and it is not the cause of my recent difficulties with remembering stuff but I hope that it will help aid me in remembering things better soon since I have been so scatterbrained lately.


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