Survivor Filter 0.05 Micron Personal use Water Filter

I received my survivor filter in exchange for my unbiased honest opinion. I am super happy to have gotten this filter. I can go hiking or camping without the need of carrying water. I can eventually stay in the forest like I want to for a while without the worry of needing to bring gallons of water. This filter allows me to drink straight from streams, lakes, rivers, and evena puddle without getting sick. It attaches to water bottles, soda bottles, and juice bottles of use it like a straw and just suck up the water you need. The flow of water coming through it is great. This is perfect for everyone. It can be used during a natural disaster where the water is unsafe to drink, it can be used on a journey across country, or even for those wanting to live off grid. Everyone can use one of these for their emergency kits. Even put one in your vehicle incase of becoming stranded. You will not regret purchasing this well made easy to use personal water filtering system.


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