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  1. Love your Title…”HopelesslyNoGood”. That is exactly how “I FEEL NOW”! I am Disabled due to multiple health issues. I had to quit working as a Pediatric & NICU RN, & I miss it so much! I am now home 24-7, & it can get depressing. My kids are grown & I am divorced. And friends just don’t understand. I really like the site that talks about “INVISIBLE Disabilities”, If people cannot see them, they can’t understand why I cannot just get-up & do things. They cannot see my heart, my back etc. etc,. I Hope you get better understanding of your disability from friends etc.!. I was wondering, How was you able to receive products at a discount, for your Reviews? There is some things I could really use, & some things I’d just like to have; but being on SS disability I Now have to pinch pennies. I’m glad you get to do that! I am a Good, Kind, Loyal, Honest, & Generous, person to a fault. A lot of people have taken those qualities as weakness, but I am not a weak or timid person. My biggest weakness is for kids, they All hold a special place in my heart. Well, I hope I have not bored you with my description of myself. I just want you to know I am NOT some weird-o, or some kind of a crazy person. In fact, I have NEVER-EVER E-mailed a stranger before, I’m kinda a private person. It’s just YOUR name I had to click on & see why you titled yourself that way. And when I read you are Disabled, I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND!! If you want to share your Disability experience, & All the crap that come with it; & how you are so Fortunate to get discount products… Please e-mail me. Thank You “Hopelessly and no good; From: Rn4tots2@yahoo.com/ (mona)


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