Ohuhu® Multifunctional Wash Mitt, Scratch-free & Swirl-free Car Wash Mitt / Microfiber Mitt, Blue

I received this multifunctional microfiber scratch free wash mitt in exchange for my unbiased honest opinion. These are soft and great for a variety of cleaning jobs. It can be used as a dusting mitt to clean surfaces including led and lcd televisions and computer screens. It can be used to wash a car from front to back, in and out, as well as top to bottom. It soaks up liquid quickly and easily hold way more fluid than a regular rag or cloth. Its not too small nor overly big. It fits nicely on my hand without any slipping off while using it. I really like the feel of it as well as its gentle cleaning help.

Buy here: http://www.amazon.com/Ohuhu%C2%AE-Multifunctional-Scratch-free-Swirl-free-Microfiber/dp/B00VG00DZK/ref=cm_aya_orig_subj


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