Oasis Star Fitness Activity Tracker

I received the OAXIS Star.21 Fitness Activity Tracker in my choice of blue at a discounted price in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion. Upon receipt I was impressed with the packaging it came in. However the included instructions manual is not very indepth or easily followed. I did however manage to get it charging. The charfing port was not easy to use and device was not precharged before packaging. I charged device overnight after downloading the app. The activity tracker connected to my Motorola Droid Ultra easily but does not track well. After charging all night and connecting the app tells me its at 50% battery. Then few hours later it says it has 75%. Needless to say I dont believe any of that was correct since I didn’t do very much and the thing started vibrating. It vibrated about 3 times in 5 minute intervals before completely shutting off and needing charging again. So its battery life is horrible. Got maybe 6 hours of use off about 10 hour charge. Then the synced numbers must be incorrect since I did not do hardly anything and it said I had over 400 steps while just sitting playing on my tablet. Im not sure how to use this to track my activities and sleep when I cant keep it charged long enough to even cover the day time never mind the night time.


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