24 pack white 12″x12″ cloths

If you are wanting to get high-quality thick washcloths for 62 cents then look elsewhere. That is out of this world and I find it hard to believe its possible but you can try. Though these are not what you are looking for if that is so what you are wanting. However, these are great cloths and very useful and sturdy for all the things I have used them for. These cloths are basic, sturdy, and very affordable. By no means are these fancy in anyway but they are very useful. Their 12″x12″ size make them the perfect cloth for many different uses. They are not light weight so to say but they are not heavy-weight for sure. They are mid weighted. They are great for baths, washing dishes, cleaning counters, cars, sweat rags, and many other uses you may need a wash cloth or rag for. These seem as if they will last a long time and hold up well in the washer and dryer. Well worth the cost. Everyone can use these somewhere and at some point. Good housewarming gifts for anyone.


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