AWEEK Auto EPS 12V 16800 Emergency Jump Starter

I received the AWEEK Auto EPS 12V 16800 Emergency Jump Starter in exchange for my unbiased opinion. This product is perfect for all of your family’s needs. It has all the accessories you ever possibly need. All nicely inside a durable handy zippered case that holds everything included in the kit together and organized. I love that it fits perfectly in my sons car. But it also can be taken out and be with me on the go when traveling. It really can jump start a car if need be. The first day it arrived we used it straight out the package to jump start my sons 1998 ford mustang several times. It works on Gasoline-powered as well as Diesel vehicles. It is very handy and includes a LED flash light with emergency lighting options. It has protection features that protect against over-current, over-charging, and short-circuits. It features many accessories for many needs such as charging your cell phone and laptop. This product has come in handy and it is a product I highly recommend to everyone even if you dont own a vehicle it will come in handy and get lots of use.


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