Millard 2ft and 4ft Grow Lights with Stands

I received the Millard 4 ft T5 Grow Light System as well as the 2ft T5 Grow Light System in exchange for my unbiased opinion. It is not a complex system. It is simple and efficient. It went together very easily and quickly. No problems putting it together setting it up. For the price and all it includes you cannot beat the cost. It comes with 2 good 54watt bulbs, an easy way to adjust it, a sturdy stand, and is very easy to assemble with the easy to read instructions. It not really flimsy it feels well made.The product comes with 2 T5 High output fluorescent bulbs which will last a long time. Unlike other 4ft systems that come with a sing bulb ballast and some requiring you purchase your own bulb separate. The T5 bulb is efficient and a low heat bulb which promotes overall growth in plants and will not burn your plants when placed a few inches above your plants. This is a very nice grow light system. I recommend it to anyone looking to begin their plants early in the season and get a head start on your summer garden plants.

The 2ft Jump Start Grow Light System was also very easy to put together and setup. The 2ft system only took me all of 7 minutes to put together and the 4ft one took me about 15 minutes to assemble and setup. The 2ft system comes with two 24w T5 bulbs. The assembly instructions were very clear and concise, very easy to follow. The 2ft system can be used by itself above the plants or use it on top a table. The stands seem very dependable and able to withstand easy movability. I recommend the 2ft for those with smaller available spaces or people needing a light for their newly sprouted seedlings. It will be perfect for the late winter seedling trays as you begin your seeds to prepare for the upcoming gardening season. I am really happy with both grow light seasons.


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