Clark shredded memory foam pillow

I received my Clara Clark shredded memory foam pillow in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion about a month ago. It arrived in a shrink wrapped package. Immediately after cutting the wrap off the pillow inflated. It was quick to inflate to a nice thick pillow. The bamboo covering is very nice and soft to the touch. This pillow features breathable vented technology that helps you sleep well and get a good night sleep. It is very comfortable and easy to sleep on. I have had and do have other memory foam pillows but they cannot compare to this one. The shredded memory foam is shapeable and bounces right back to its fluffiness. Unlike other memory foam where they are a bit harder and can’t be shaped to sleep position or they flatten and don’t pop back. The shredded memory foam allows for the abilities to be shaped and this one does not flatten and it adjusts to you then bounces back. I have never loved a pillow as much as I love this one. I didn’t notice any smell to it though my senses are not that sensitive to smell. I just love this new pillow even if it’s heavier than I am used to with my down alternative pillows I have always loved. This is my new favorite.


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