BTC Flame Quad Core 8GB 7″ Tablet

I received the BTC Flame Quad Core 8GB 7″ tablet in exchange for my unbiased opinion. For the price of this tablet it is pretty nice. Having both a 0.3mp front and 2.0mp rear camera, 512mb ram, and 8gb of internal memory it is good for the kids who are just getting into tablets. Its good for the adult who is wanting a tablet but not needing top of the line. You can add more space with an sd card. It is not good at multi tasking activities but good when using one app at a time. It comes with google play preinstalled and android kitkat operating system which is more customization than a windows tablet. This came with a screen protector, otg cable, 2 different types of chargers, a dc adapter and a micro usb charger cord. I would recommend if getting this for the littler children to get a rubberized case for added protection since its very easy for them to drop it and the screen to break. the volume is not too bad and it has a headphone jack for private listening. It works well as an ebook reader for me.

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