WOW Raspberry Ketones Gummies

I received a 50 count bottle of WOW Raspberry Ketones Gummies in exchange for my unbiased honest opinion. The serving size is 2 gummies daily and not to exceed 8 gummies in a day which is odd since the dose is supposed to be 2 daily but that’s what the bottle says. These are gummies and easy to chew they were not sticky in the bottle but are sticky while chewing and do stick to my teeth and gums. I am not really sure about the flavor. It is fruity but not a strong fruity and not a juicy fruity. I don’t really notice much difference in my appetite suppression and have not lost any weight after using almost a whole bottle but do notice my stools are softer meaning my digestion may be different. They do not seem like something I will be buying myself since it does not seem tey have accomplished anything in the 3 plus weeks I have taken them and I find it odd that they come with only a 25 day supply rather than at least a 30 day supply. I also received another product by the same company and find it odd that the numbers on the nutritional label are all the same on both products. Something does not seem right about them.


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