Elkaline Double Edge Safety Razor

I received the Elkaline Double Edge One Blade Safety Razor in exchange for my unbiased opinion. The razor came in a very nice case that included a mirror for shaving on the go or a closer view while shaving. It also included 5 blades each wrapped separately in paper. There is a spot in the case where the blades sit nicely below the razor. There was also a nice solid metal stand to hold the razor in place nicely and not easily can it fall off. The grip on the handle makes for easy holding without dropping. The razor has some weight to it. The blades are very easy to put in and the 2 door like covers cover over the razor blade very easily. By twisting the bottom of the handle it allows for these door like pieces to open and close for blade insertion without a hassle. I did not find this razor to be a safety razor since it very easily cut me while shaving. Maybe it’s the angle I was using it at or something but i have never used one of these before and have no real clue about the best way to hold the razor while shaving. With its weight it is kinda odd to hold shaving. It shaved nicely though I have 3 separate cuts on my leg from using this and do not recommend it to others who have never used one. Though nicely made to me it is not worth the hassle of bleeding and scabs healing for days on end.



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