Fabric Shower Curtain

I received the Sfoothome Fabric Shower Curtain in exchange for my unbiased opinion. Upon arrival and opening the shower curtain I was surprised at the quality it appears to possess. I ordered the purple curtain that is slightly off in size compared to what is listed in the title but not by much and it does not make a difference since I have just a small stand up shower anyways. It came nicely packaged with shower curtain rings made of plastic that will not rust like the metal rings that come with some shower curtains. The colors are bright and it is definitely a curtain that is noticed upon first entering the bathroom. The seams appear to be sewed nicely and will hold up for quite some time I do believe. It has the built in rings where you connect the curtain to the plastic curtain rings for hang on the curtain rod. These metal circle shaped holes are an added measure to help prevent rips and tears in the curtain while showering and accidently pulling on it. All and all is a nicely made, brightly colored, decorative shower curtain that would be good for anyone wanting a change in decoration to their bathrooms or who are just needing a new curtain or change of pace in their bathroom. This curtain will help create the perfect look you are looking for.




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