Kitchen Selectives Double Burner Cooktop

I bought this Kitchen Selectives 2 burner cooktop to be able to cook more than what I could in my cast iron frying pan on my nuwave precision induction cooktop. I moved into my apartment and had not been able to do much for cooking since i felt the stove is too unsafe to use. So for 6 months now I have not been able to boil water for pasta or cook more than one thing at a time. This 2 burner cooktop has allowed me to get back to really cooking. It has 2 separate small burners that each have their own temperature controls. The burner on the left does heat up faster and seem to get hotter than the one on the right but both work as supposed to and I have boiled water on both burners. I have not had any of the issues others have had with this so far and I am glad it has opened up the opportunities for me again in the kitchen.


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