MoKo Multifunction Jump Starter

I received the MoKo multifunction emergency jump starter in exchange for my unbiased opinion. I for a few months did not have a use for the actual jump starter aspect of this jump box until last week. So for a few months, I used it as an extra battery pack to charge my phone and the very bright LED flashlight part of it. However last week I accidentally left my car lights on all night and killed my car battery in my 92 Toyota Corolla. At first, the car did not start. I left it attached to the battery while making a phone call to try to get someone to jump me. Upon hanging up the phone I opened the car door and noticed the dinging from the car keys being left in the ignition was much louder than had been, I got excited and tried the key. The car started right away. I was very excited especially since I was supposed to be at the car shop for an appointment. The MoKo jump box is the perfect size for the glove box. It fits nicely in my hand. It came with a very nice case that has different compartments for the different included accessories. The attachments like a MicroUSB charger cord. Jacks for that can attach to different ac/dc devices and both a car and house charging plug. All and on this is great for emergencies including your phone needing charging. The LED flashlight also has a strobe light function. I also was able to charge 3 different phones at the same time during a recent 18-hour bus trip during a 6-hour layover where there was no access to charge other passengers phones that had died. The MoKo multifunction emergency jump starter box is good for anyone, not just the car owners out there but I recommend it for any and all car owners out there.


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