PowerLead Wireless Weather Monitor

I received the PowerLead CWF PCF001 Wireless weather monitor in exchange for my unbiased opinion. Upon receipt of item, I immediately bought some AAA batteries which were not included for the outdoor sensor and installed them. I then read the included instructions and found them a bit difficult to understand. They were not clear on how to setup the outdoor sensor and connect it to the main indoor sensor unit. I tried 8 different batteries and installed and reinstalled several times. I read the trouble shooting which was minimal in instruction and just said if outdoor sensor was not transmitting to unit to change batteries. Well I tried pressing all the buttons and changing the transmitting channel on the unit several times which did not work either. I contacted the seller and found them to be very nice and tried to work through the issue but was unable to. So we considered it to be defective and I was sent another one as a replacement. Upon receipt of the second order, I did all the same things and got the same results. So I figured something else must be the problem. Upon further research and trial I figured it out and now very easily can hook the outdoor sensor to the indoor sensor without any issues. So it was never a defect in the product but rather a defect in user and instructions not explaining the way to connect the sensor clearly. Anyhow, you must press and hold the button until the wireless signal appears to the right of the channel indicator on the bottom outdoor sensor area. It immediately registered the outdoor temperature and humidity upon proper connection. The outdoor sensor can be hung outdoors or just sit it in the windowsill outside the window and close the window. The indoor sensor displays the indoor temperatures as well as humidity like the outdoor sensor. The indoor unit displays time of day, date, and day while also allowing for an alarm to be set and a picture display of the weather to come within the next 12 hours. You can change the temperature measurement from Celsius to Fahrenheit and back to Celsius. The indoor sensor sits nicely on my end table and has a lighted background display and a plug connection to be plugged in and always have available power. It is lightweight and not oversized so it fits nicely on the corner of the end table. All and all it is a good little handy device to have around. Would be great for gardeners and weather watchers.





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