Rominetak Unlocked Rooted Android Tv Box


I received the Rominetak T95M Unlocked Android Tv Box in exchange for my unbiased opinion. I have never used one of these type devices. I am very amazed by the amount of things that can be done with such a small device. It’s like a mini-sized computer to hook to your television and allows you to do many many things. Many more things than I realized and I am sure there is more than I know yet that can be done with it. It’s easy to use and setup was a breeze. It came preinstalled with apps and I have added many add-ons without a problem. I am able to watch tons of movies, live tv, and even pay per view events without costing me any extra money. I have not had any issues with buffering in the middle of a movie or show as well as the speed seems good. It is not slow at all to my surprise it’s quick to move from one activity to the next. It allows you to stream music, add music, and add pictures and files yourself. It has 2 USB ports to connect other devices such as a keyboard or mouse. it lets you connect a USB drive too. It has got a slot for a MicroSD card too for added storage space. I would recommend purchasing a wireless keyboard remote to make it easier to search for content. There is an onscreen keyboard but it will be much easier to use a keyboard in hand rather than the remote that’s included. The LED display is bright and gives the time of day. It came with an HDMI wire, remote, and power cord. Internet connectivity is simple wirelessly and wired. This 2gb ram box is simply amazing and very much worth more than its selling for. This box is a great way to save on many things such as no longer needing to pay a monthly bill for cable as well as not needing those pay per month services to see almost anything you want. it allows for parental controls so the children does not accidentally access adult content. This box is really amazing and I recommend it to everyone where internet is available that wants to save on monthly costs.


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