Estgo Android 5.1 Smart Tv Box

I received the ESTGO Android 5.1 Smart Tv Box for free in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion. I found this box to be load with much more than I expected. It had alot of foreign addons that I uninstalled to begin with before installing the add ons that I desired to use myself. Several of the addons have server issues and some do not function. However that is not an issue with the box but with the app makers themselves. There is much more buffering with this box than a previous one I used that had less ram and storage space so i am sure it is not an issue of my internet and must be a hardware and or a software issue with this box. This boxes interface is also much different and took some time getting the hang of. 20160626_120337This box does allow you to get some pay per view movies as well as some movies that are still in cinemas. You can also view tv live though it seems to have issues with live viewing and will stop viewing and bring you back to the addon beginning page.It comes with a built in app to clean the files for speeding up the system once it has slowed down due to building up a cache.20160626_120847 It also has google play preinstalled and can be used to play games and for other apps from the play store. Use it to read books from your kindle app or listen to podcasts. Watch YouTube videos or even download an emulator and play many of the older video game systems games like Super Mario Bros, Sonic the Hedgehog, or Paperboy. You will need to purchase controllers for these type things as I do not believe it will be possible to play those with the included remote. However, I was able to ad a wireless keyboard remote via the one of the 4 USB ports for easier input of lettering and that keyboard also has a mouse making for easier moving around some screens.

The included remote works fairly well but not to my liking. There is a bit of a lag with both remotes at times surprising to me since there is 2gb of ram in this Android Smart Tv Box rather then 1Gb like many others. It did come with the HDMI cable, AC plug, Remote, box, and a brief instruction manual. It can be connected via Ethernet port or WiFi. I connected it to my Ethernet wire so I did not test the WiFi capabilities and since the Ethernet is directly connected and there seems to be lots of buffering it makes no sense for me to try to hook it up to my WiFi. It supports a SD card for added storage space or you can use one of the USB ports. Its got a fairly good price point for all you get out of it. Never having to pay a cable bill again for the price of probably less than a months cable bill for most people is a pretty good price.

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