Senchanting Zipper Front Supportive Padded Bra

I received the Senchanting Zipper Front Padded Sports Bra Free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. I ordered the large since it sizes listed under it were in my range unfortunately it is a little tight and would regularly need to order a size larger than what is offered here but the do not sell a size XL. Though I have worn it a few times this week and washed it a few times. It has not shrunk nor has it loosened up. So the sizes listed are a bit smaller than actual sizes for me. However the color i order is the purple one and I love the color. The bra is heavy duty and more than i expected. It is dual layered for added security and protection. the first layer is the padded section that has a plastic clasp the easily slides together and snaps in place. The second layer wraps over the padded section and zippers up for the extra protection from bounciness and to help keep the breasts in place. No sagging when wearing this bra or bouncing while running. Though somewhat tight on me it is not uncomfortable and i am able to wear most of the day. Its a lightweight bra and breathable. I would recommend it to others. Especially those who are getting up there in age and needing the extra support or those who are on a exercise regime and want great support.


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