3 Stage Knife Sharpener

I received this 3 stage knife sharpener free in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion. It came fast and packaged with plastic surrounding it for protection. It’s got an angled grip for easy holding as well as keeping it sturdy while sharpening your ceramic or steel knives. It does not take much to sharpen your knives with this quality knife sharpener. Slide knife through the slots a couple times and your finished. It has 3 separate slots for your knife sharpening needs. The first slot is for all your ceramic knife sharpening needs. the middle slot is for those very dull or older knives that have not been used in so long but are ready for them to become as sharp as they were new years ago. The last slot the one all the way on the right side is for fine sharpening. Like if there is just a bit of sharpening refinement your knife needs. I had used a sharpener similar to this but it eventually needed replacement when the sharpener heads dulled down themselves too much. However, this sharpener came with a replacement head and also a guarantee for a full refund of your money you paid if there is any flaws at all during the first 2 years of you owning this ergonomically designed knife sharpener. The design is great for add control and comfort while sharpening your knives. It also has a grip like rubber bottom to prevent slippage. This is also great for knives from yardsales, thrift stores, and family hand me downs. Allowing all of them to become sharp or sharper than they were new.




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