50mm Dope Turtle- Little TOOTH Grinder

I received the 50mm black Dope Turtle- Little TOOTH Grinder for free in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion. I like that this is small and portable but big enough to get the job done and get it done fast and easily without any straining. This is a 4 piece easy to assemble and unassemble herb grinder that has sharp teeth and grinds anything quickly and easily. I planted fresh basil this year in the garden and this grinder arrived at the perfect time. I dried the basil in a dehydrator and then ground it with the Dope Turtle grinder. It did not overly grind it but instead ground it perfectly. This came with 3 tiny little plastic scraper type thingies that are very easily to get lost which must be the reason for them giving 3 of them. They don’t really help in cleaning the grinder and don’t fit nicely in the teeth so I’m not really sure what their benefit is for but there is an obvious reason for them just I am not sure what I would use these scraping type things for. But they are cute. This grinder fits easily in my silverware drawer without having to be taken apart and the little scrapey things fit nicely inside.




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