Millard Crib Mattress Dual Comfort System

I received the Millard Crib Mattress dual Comfort system free in exchange for my unbiased honest opinion. This mattress seems great. My one side is firm for added protection for an infant while it was soft for comfort for the toddler. It also came with a cotton washable hypoallergenic water resistant mattress cover. It was packaged nicely and rolled up and compressed. This mattress is made from memory foam. Infants are supposed to have a firm mattress which is said to help lessen the risk of SIDS. It may take some time to rid this of the smell it comes with from being memory foam which most memory foam products usually arrive with. I just sprayed some watered down lavender essential oil on it and gave it to my sister for my niece’s new toddler bed. She was going from her crib finally and getting her big girl bed and though the crib mattress would fit this mattress is new and memory foam which in my opinion is much more comfortable for anyone including a toddler. We did however put the firmer side up rather than the soft side out of our own preference and since she had heart surgery to repair a birth defect we want to be extra cautious. My Neice has slept on it and seems to be comfortable and having no problems.


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