iLonger 14 in 1 Solar Powered Robot kit

I received the iLonger 14 in 1 Solar Powered Robot kit free in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion. To start off I really enjoyed doing this with my niece who is highly bright and 11. At first sight, the amount of pieces was intimidating but once we started the anxiety was relieved as we rolled through the included instructions. Some of the directions were difficult for me to comprehend with the different pictures but they all actually matched up really well. The pieces were difficult for me to remove from their holders and I would say the hardest part of the whole project. We worked on this in steps by first building the body and then the head. Then we worked some more the following day on her chosen robot which is the zombie chaser. We haven’t gotten it to work but could be the overcast day with not a bright sun outside and eventually it rained. The project was tedium and at times frustrating for both myself and my niece. I know there are some hands on children out there these days but this thing is probably better suited for teenagers more than 10-year-olds. I really like the idea of this and the fact it’s not something that gets thrown together it’s something that takes time and effort. At the end, it’s a big accomplishment to be proud of completing. I would love to get more of these and have a collection to tinker around with. It’s really not an expensive project. I do recommend an adult help with removing the pieces. Other than the tediousness and frustration I experienced it’s awesome. Again look very closely at the instruction manual and do it step by step.


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