QacQoc Bluetooth Portable Speaker

I received the QacQoc Bluetooth Portable Speaker free in exchange for my unbiased honest opinion. Package contents contained an instruction manual that is clearly readable, the removable battery, a charging cable, and an audio cord. This little Bluetooth speaker is just over 6.5 inches in length and less than 2 inches in height but packs a bit of sound. It is louder than I was expecting it to be. The sound is crisp and clear and does not seem to crackle. This speaker paired quickly and easily with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Upon installing the battery and switching the power button to on the speaker was ready and waiting to be paired up with a device. If you do not wish to connect this speaker by Bluetooth the included audio cable allows you to plug your device into the audio port on the back of this speaker and listen to the sound also. I have never used NFC so I don’t have a clue about it really, I did not test that function of this device though with the quality of the device I am sure whatever it is it does then the NFC function does on this. This is a very portable easy to carry and lightweight speaker that does not seem cheaply made and appears to me to be of good value. I also like that this allows me to answer my phone and talk with its built-in microphone giving me a full hands-free experience that is easy to setup and disconnect.


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