ScharfPro Vertical Self-Pressure Vegetable Spiralizer

I received the ScharfPro Vertical Self-Pressure Vegetable Spiralizer free in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion. I was excited to be able to order this. I have used many different types of vegetable spiralizers over the last couple years. The ScharfPro came with 3 different blades for different types of spiralizing; Juliane thick slicing, ribbon slicing, and Julianne thin slicing.This is the first of this kind I have used. This vertical spiralizer is an interesting concept and would work well with a bit of adjustments or maybe I just need some getting used to. I first have to cut the ends off of my vegetables so they are flat to go into the spiralizer. I put it in and tried to spiralize it. The zucchini, however somehow slips out and I have to start again with a flat end by cutting the zucchini with a knife again. It is difficult to get this to do a consistent strand of zoodles as its supposed to but it does make the zucchini into sliver like pieces that can be used in place of noodles in a stir fry or something that you originally wanted to put noodles in. And this helps you eat healthier.


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