Accmor 18/8 Stainless Steel Straws, FDA-approved Durable Reusable Metal 10.5inch Extra Long Bend Drinking Straws Set of 5 – for 20 & 30OZ YETI RTIC OZARK TERVIS Tumbler Cups – with 2 Cleaning Brushes

I received the Accmor 18/8 Stainless steel durable reusable drinking straws at a discount in exchange for my unbiased opinion. In the package came there was 5 reusable bent straws that are the size of average 10.5-inch bent straws with 2 cleaning brushes. These 10.5 inch straws can be used on both 20oz and 30 oz tumblers without any problems. The cleaning brushes help with keeping the straws clean all the way through and allows you to do that with ease. These will not bend where they are not supposed to already be bent or crack. They will not just break by dropping them, or by repeated use. They will not rust and will last a very long time if i dont misplace or lose them. I personally like the straws with the bend in them better than the straight ones but only cause of the angle of using them to drink from. I think their cost is worth the price becuase they are reusable for many years and are great for many types of drinks. I use these straws for fruit smoothies and thick milkshakes. They are just perfect for my needs of them.


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