Casket Etcetera I Love You To The Moon And Back Cremation Urn Necklace

I received the Casket Etcetera I Love you to The Moon & Back Commemorative Jewelry necklace free in exchange for my unbiased honest opinion. This is a very nice piece that will help keep those loved ones close to you after a loss. Use this to hold a minute amount of the loved ones ashes and keep them near your heart. this would be great for that child who loses a parent or sibling. Or the wife that becomes widowed by losing their husband. It came in a pretty gift box. compared to the ones offered by the funeral homes this is very good priced. I like the 2 tone of it. It says its waterproof but I would take it off while swimming or showering as if something were to happen to it I would be devasted at losing the bit I have of my loved one. This even included instructions on how to fill with your loved ones ashes and a paper funnel to help in this task.


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