Desert Scenery Vinyl Wall Decal Size 28″ W by 16″ H, Desert Decals, Cactus Decal, Cactus Decals, Southwest, Cactus Stickers, Sahara, Mojave, Saguaro Wall Decor, PLUS FREE 12″ WHITE HELLO DOOR DECAL

I received the Decor Designs Desert Scenery Vinyl wall design at a discount in exchange for my unbiased honest opinion. The portrayed picture of this design makes it look alot larger than it is, however you do choose the size upon ordering and can order the smallest one I got which is 26 inches wide and 16 inches tall or you can choose another of the 3 options to have it larger. The other 2 sizes are 36×21 inches and 48×28 inches. The larger one is probably closer to the portrayed size that’s on the listing. I think it looks nice. I do think it’s not as sticky as it needs to be and needs more adhesive but not too much since I wanted to be able to remove it easily without causing damage when I move.


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