Presadee 20-30 mmHg Zipper Compression White Gold Copper Infused Calf Leg Veins Traveling Energy Support Socks (L/XL)

received the Presadee 20-30mmHg Zipper Compression Copper Infused Support Socks at a discount in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion. They seem well made and a bit thick though when wearing them in 100-degree weather they do not add heat but instead it feels comfortable and cool where they are. They seemed to not fit me right even though I ordered a 2XL . One zipper seemed to not want to move to the side as it is supposed to and staying up the back of my calf while the other fit nicely and ran along the outside of my left calf. the compression socks look made equally it just seems they do not fit my calfs properly as they fit my mothers well. I do find them a bit strange to wear with the goldish brown color zipper showing. They stand out rather than blend in which is a bit odd to me and not really my style. My mother is always in need of extra coverings for her legs since she has bad circulation and is always cold so these will provide her with that as well as the added benefits from them being compression socks and may eeven help her circulation I am hoping.


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