SCOPOW Rotating Universe Cover and Star Cover Night Lighting Lamp Romantic Projector for Kid (Blue)

I received the SCOPOW Rotating Nightlight Lamp at a discount in exchange for my unbiased honest opinion. This nightlight lamp comes with 2 different flimsy covers, one that projects the universe with the cosmos and one that projects the moon with the stars, that are placed on it depending on what you want to project on your walls and ceiling. It has the ability to rotate or you can keep it still. It can be powered by batteries that are not included or plugged in by the included cord. When set to rotate this is not quiet. It instead can be heard as the insides churn. It’s very cheaply made and the materials are not sturdy or strong. I don’t recommend this product to others since it’s not helpful in sleeping and instead keeps you awake and not worth it’s price.


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